Operation and Maintenance Conferenced By Distribution


The Operation and Maintenance Conference by Distribution is held periodically and is concerned with strategies, smart technologies, the efficiency and safety of O&M electrical distribution networks.


Promote cooperation and knowledge exchange between professionals and experts in the field of operation and maintenance of electrical distribution networks, and a platform for the exchange of ideas, experiences and effective practices to improve the efficiency, reliability and safety of electrical distribution networks.

Main Topics

Safety in Distribution Networks

Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in Operation and Maintenance

Effective Operation and Maintenance Strategies for Distribution Networks

Smart Grid Technologies in Distribution Networks

Challenges in Operation and Maintenance of Distribution Networks

Enhancing the Efficiency of Electrical Distribution Networks

Technical Committee

Engr. Khaled AlKhathlan

Engr. Ibrahim AlMohaisin

Engr. Abdullah Bin Askar

Engr.Abdullah AlMuhayia

Engr.Waleed AlMalki

Engr. Salem AlGhatani